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Welcome to the official Wiki of Iciclecraft, a public Minecraft server based in Sweden but open to players from all over the world!

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About IciclecraftEdit

Iciclecraft is owned by Cetec, and there are three admins: Bavu, Geval, and KateTheAwesome.

Iciclecraft caters to Minecraft players of all types. There is a survival world where players can build a town and sell plots for other people to build on, or they can go mining, or just build a base. There is also a creative world for just building, and a resource world where players get all the materials they need, and where PvP and griefing are allowed.

Iciclecraft started out in August 2011 as part of AverageZone, a group based in Europe, that owns servers of many popular video games. Around January-February 2012, the Minecraft server switched to Icicle Hosting, and the name changed to Iciclecraft.

The survival world is currently in its 6th generation, the 1.7 world. It resets with new terrain on average about 1.5 - 2 years, with the older world still available to teleport to for a few months so that players can move their items over. (The transition from the 4th generation to the 5th involved only moving the spawnpoint far away instead of creating a new world, so the 6th generation is considered the 5th survival world.)

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